Pastor's Bio - Apostle Jesse E. Canty

The trailblazer and trendsetter, Apostle Jesse E. Canty is a native of Spartanburg, SC, born of Louis and Pastor Mary Canty  Apostle Canty answered the call to Pastor in 2003. He had been saved at this time for 8 years. He stepped out on faith against all odds and held the first service in his small living room on March 23rd of that year. It was then Living Waters Christian Ministries was birthed in his spirit and made manifest.

God told him that he would be a trailblazer and trendsetter, and it has come to pass. As God saw fit, he added to the church, and as Living Waters grew in number, they also grew spiritually.  The ground of Living Waters has since remained blessed and fruitful due to the cultivation and change in the lives of many. As he served the house faithfully and advance them in the Kingdom, an Apostolic Shift was in effect and he was called to the nations.

Pastor Jesse E. Canty felt a strong calling for Africa and to the nations, and then the doors begin to open wide for him. His first trip abroad was set forth in November 2007 to Kenya, Africa, where he traveled along with Apostle Kenneth Fairbanks of Faith works Ministries of Greensboro, NC.

It was this trip that changed the heart and life of our Apostle Canty.  Planting his feet on the soil of Africa confirmed the call upon his life, and produced an anointing for the Nations. Upon his return, God had begun to grant him even more favor with Africa. The wonderful Pastor Jacques Sumpi had been directed by God to enter into a covenant relationship with Apostle Canty, which bonded the two ministries thenceforth. Living Waters Christian Ministries and Fountain of Living Waters Ministries in Namibia became one in the Spirit, despite being nearly 9000 miles apart. Within a year, Apostle Canty returned to Namibia with a group of 11, which consisted of pastors, ministers, evangelists, and lay members.

Already being endowed with God-given grace to go forth to the nations, it was at this time that God introduced him to Apostle Israel Onoriobe. This man of God found Pastor Canty via internet, and their close brotherly relationship began. God knitted their hearts together as they conversed for months. Israel, already being called to the nations, having visited over 30 countries himself, was then lead by God to open up a major door for Pastor Canty to minister in Australia and Vanuatu. Pastor Canty had never been to the land down under, nor the pacific islands. In fact, he'd never imagined traveling there. But God had it in His plans.

As they both traveled throughout Australia and Vanuatu to minister to various churches and fellowships, God also granted them favor with the government. Apostle Israel and Pastor Canty were greeted by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu. The governmental powers of an entire country received these men of God into their countries with open arms. In December of 2009, Pastor was also called forth unto Nigeria Africa to proclaim the gospel throughout various states. This trip also proved to be destined by God, as Nigeria received him as a native son, granting unto him their nations flag, issued by the government and giving him a traditional tribal Nigerian name.

Apostle Canty was blessed to carry the gospel into 13 countries in 2009 alone. This Man of God is of strong faith, and consistently answers the call of God without compromise. His heart is to do all that God has called him forth to do with much passion.

Pastor Canty is under the covering of Bishop T.D. Jakes in Dallas, Texas, and like his Bishop Jakes, has an anointing to minister to the brokenhearted.  He is the husband of  Lady Kimberly A. Canty, and father of 3 beautiful children.

He is also author of the renowned book entitled The Furnace of Affliction. He has received numerous awards and attained a host of accomplishments along his faith journey, such as being featured in Kingdom Magazine, (two-page feature article), and being granted the seal of the city of Spartanburg, SC by Mayor James Talley for his spiritual accomplishments. He has ministered on TV, radio, and in person, from the streets of Spartanburg to the slums of Nairobi, delivering the Word of God.




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